About Us

Our Mission Statement

We, as an organized team, promise to function to the best of our ability and to make intelligent decisions that will benefit our customers and ultimately will strengthen the financial structure of our corporation.

Pioneer Adhesive Products has been serving the industrial adhesive community for over 20 years. Established in 1993, Vinny Skoczylas started his business venture with his step-son, Rob Porto.  We have been dedicated to providing our customers with the best options at the most affordable prices ever since.

By formulating an array of industrial adhesives, Pioneer offers many different choices based on their vast knowledge of the various ingredients used.  In addition to creating our own custom formulas, Pioneer Adhesive Products stocks many varieties by major manufacturers widely favored by the packaging, woodworking, foam, corrugated and food and beverage industries.  Our product lines consist of hot melts, liquid waterborne resins, contact cements, vegetable and animal base adhesives.

Located in Western New York, just south of Buffalo, Pioneer Adhesive is able to provide prompt delivery to the entire northeast and southeastern Canada.  Since we keep a generous stock of the adhesives in our local warehouse, availability is generally without delay.  Our technical knowledge and formulating skills of adhesives  have been honed down to a science for decades.  We ship our liquid adhesives in 275-gal. bulk tote bins, 55-gal. drums or 5-gal. pails from Buffalo, NY; Memphis, TN; Cleveland, OH; Charlotte, NC.

Our company prides itself on exceptional customer service.  Our job is not complete unless our customers are 100% satisfied.  We are dedicated to serving the industrial adhesive community for many years to come and rely upon our customers’ loyalty and our excellent reputation to grow our businesses together.


Vinny Skoczylas

Vinny Skoczylas ~ President

Vinny has over 35 years experience in the adhesive business, concentrating on formulating, sales and production.

Most of Pioneer’s liquid resin and dextrin formulas were hand-crafted by him.  The majority of the work being done on-site, customizing the products for specific needs and particular machinery.

Being on the road visiting customers is where Vinny’s heart is.  Speaking directly with the employees working with the adhesives on a daily basis allows him to consider more than just the end-use product.

Being the company President allows Vinny the ability to keep his finger on the pulse of the business, staying involved in all aspects from production through administration, making himself available to make all major business decisions even while out on the road.

Vinny always welcomes any customer’s input and encourages suggestions and/or comments.


Rob Porto

Rob Porto ~ Vice President

Rob has been in the industrial adhesive industry since 1986. He has worked in every aspect of the manufacturing and distribution of both liquid and hot melt adhesives. This has given him an advanced understanding of adhesive formulations. Rob’s vast knowledge allows him to troubleshoot many application issues and determine the best solution for each customer’s equipment and needs.


Linda Lamp & Lisa Norman

Lisa Norman, General Manager & Linda Lamp, Transportation Manager

Lisa Norman & Linda Lamp ~ Keeping their fingers on the pulse of Pioneer Adhesive

Lisa Norman
Lisa was recently promoted to General Manager. A jack-of-all-trades, Lisa supervises the entire operation on a daily basis. Skilled at dealing with day to day operations as well as customer and supplier issues, Lisa keeps Pioneer Adhesive on the track to success.

Linda Lamp
In just four short years, Linda has worked her way up to Manager of Shipping & Receiving and handles her responsibilities with the precision of a fine-tuned professional. No matter who Linda comes in contact with, she represents Pioneer Adhesive's commitment to customer care.